Two school visits and training getting back on track

Saturday morning run views

Despite the searing temperatures this week, the marathon training is slowly getting back on track. It helps that I’ve started going for 0530am runs before it gets too warm. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty warm even at that hour, so I’m unsure how this week is going to go with temperatures predicted to be reaching 40 degrees!! Don’t worry, I will not be attempting any outdoor running in those temperatures; dreadmill running it will be…

This week we made two school visits; one in central London and one outside in Surrey. Mentally and emotionally draining(!) but so worth doing as we spent the whole day with two different year groups, and received feedback from over 250 girls on the (potential) new branding and app functionality.

Team school visits this week!

In the first school we visited we were in a computer room all day with no air-con, so by the end of it we were boiling. The next day, we all came prepared to be in the same situation but this school had air-con in its computer rooms, and after 4 hours in there, I was absolutely freezing!

The feedback we got though was worth the hot/cold situation; the responses were loud and clear, and there was definitely a clear favourite on the new branding. Watch this space…

This week coming up we have our first full-time employee joining us! Shannan will be joining us as Content and Social Media Coordinator, which is super cool. Plus, now that we have our new workspace, it will be fab to be working in-person with everyone.

We have a team event on Thursday where everyone is coming together. I suggested the first social activity for the group, and so we’re all doing an Escape Room together after work on Thursday night. It should be really fun, let’s just hope it’s air-conned!

Cute note that handed to me at the end of one of the sessions 💜

Training wise, I’m hoping to get back up to around 30 miles this week. With the marathon only 11 weeks away, it will be here in no time at all. We had the men’s world champs marathon on earlier today and it is quite sickening to watch how fast they can move! Clearly they are running more than 30 miles a week, but if I can get back there this week, then I’ll be happy.

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