A big week for Luna and back to thirty mile weeks…

Wow. What a week.

I get to scratch off a new square on my entrepreneurship poster!

It feels like so much has happened this week! I can’t actually believe the crazy 40 degree heatwave was earlier this week, as it genuinely feels ages ago already. We celebrated Jas’ birthday, welcomed new team members and injured myself to the point I thought I had another broken bone…

Celebrations on Tuesday!

Aside from some scorching temperatures (thank goodness for the air con in the WeWork office!), we also broke some of our own records. First and foremost was the size of the team! For this week, we were a 10 person team; crazy to think how less than a year ago, the business was still an idea we were deciding whether to take forward or not.

We were joined by Jadyn, a 17 year old work experience student and from last Tuesday, Shannan, our first full-time employee! A real momentous occasion, as up until then, the rest of the team had been interns or freelance, so now having Shannan full-time, is crazy.

On Thursday, we made the most of the increased team and held our first all-team “strategy” afternoon. We hired out a room in the office and all ten of us came together to discuss the plan for the next quarter and how we were going to get this app launched. It was so amazing to have everyone together and even more amazing to see the app coming to life.

After that session, we had a team social event at an Escape Room, which honestly, was just so much fun. Two people couldn’t make it, so we hired two rooms and it was a race between each team of four. I’m pleased to say, my team were victorious but only literally by about forty seconds!

A (nearly) full team

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of July already, which means two things really; one, it’s nearly time for our first Luna payday, which I for one am very excited about. And two, the marathon is only ten weeks away. Gulp.

This second fact is more nerve-wracking than anything. Ten weeks really isn’t that long at all. From here on, I will be getting very serious about my training and getting as much done as possible. I made it to nearly 50km (just over 30 miles) this week, which is good, but if I want to get round 26.2 miles in an enjoyable fashion, I need a few more weeks at closer to 60 and 70kms!

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