A beautiful Indian wedding, new branding and our first photoshoot…

Another busy few weeks at Luna HQ; I can’t quite believe we’ve already had a week of August, as it means the launch of the app (and the London Marathon!) is edging ever closer.

When Jas and I started Luna, we did absolutely everything ourselves (and still do, mostly). However, one thing we wanted to do once we had raised investment was to get some help with our branding. Obviously our brand is much more than just a logo, a colour palette and some font types, it’s everything behind it as well.

So back in June, we embarked on a branding journey with the help of Sinead, a brand and design expert. Sinead helped us design a new look and feel for Luna, after extensive time working together on all those other bits; our core values, our mission, what we stand for, who we are speaking to etc. This, combined with speaking to our users to get their input on designs and colours, has led us to a cool, new look for Luna.

Gone are the pastels of pink, blue, purple and yellow and in are cool, new, calming colours. We love our new identity, and we will be launching it to the world later on in the year, but for now, here’s a sneak peek. Would love to know what you think!

Alongside the new branding, we’ve been on the hunt for new imagery to go in the app itself. Turns out, it’s quite hard to find stock images online of diverse teenagers in cool outfits having fun! So, instead of just settling for some off-brand images, we decided to organise and hold our own photoshoot day.

On Friday we held a full shoot day, involving: six teens, four parents, two stylists, hair and makeup, one photographer and her assistant and four of us from Luna. When I say I was knackered by the end, I’m not lying. We shot in multiple locations around Shoreditch and were on our feet all day.

On Friday evening, Andy and I caught a train out to Essex for Billy and Vanisha’s wedding celebrations and I genuinely was a zombie on that train. We had barely eaten all day as we were organising the teens and their parents, so I think I literally sat in silence for the whole journey as I tried to keep my eyes open!

It wasn’t just the photoshoot that was contributing to the exhaustion; multiple weeks of plus thirty miles of running have probably been a big cause as well!

The week was rounded off by the Beddow-Patel wedding. It was absolutely brilliant to be part of an Indian wedding. It started at 9am on Saturday morning and finished around 1:30am on Sunday! The Indian ceremony ran until 2pm and everyone was encouraged to wear Indian dress (long sleeves on a 25 degree day, sat outside all morning was not ideal!) and then the festivities kicked off again at 6pm with a black tie reception.

It was lots of fun, and despite getting to bed rather late, I still managed my 10 mile long run in the baking heat today. That marathon isn’t going to run itself! Only 8 weeks to go and I’m 83% of the way there on fundraising for MS-U.K. If you would like to support them, I would be so grateful. Link to donate is here. Thank you.

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