It’s been a while…

So the last time I wrote a blog, it was the first week of August. It’s now…the first week of September. How did this happen?!

I haven’t given up on the blog, but August has been a crazy month. A quick snapshot of August includes; two luna photo shoots, preparing the app to launch to a closed group of users (tomorrow!), celebrating Andy’s birthday, celebrating luna’s first birthday, a bank holiday trip back to Yorkshire for some wedding dress shopping (not mine, obviously!), a 2nd place Parkrun finish, running 136 miles in the month (including the Big Half half marathon today!) and just the one fainting episode. So all in all, quite a lot.

This week celebrated one year since Jas and I incorporated luna. On September 1st we launched our new branding to the world and celebrated with a small party in a rooftop bar in London. We invited everyone who had helped us in some way over the past year; whether that was helping with our investor pitch to designing the website to financial modelling to, in the case of Jez and Andy, chief emotional support officers!

One of our friends, Amelia, made an awesome cake for us and it was really great to get a small group together to celebrate one year of luna. Hopefully we’ll get to do it all again next year!

Today was also a fun day. I think I ran my most enjoyable half marathon today! It is half marathon 3 of 3 this year for MS-U.K. (there’s still time to sponsor me!) and it took me a few miles to get into it, but by the end, I think it was one of my most enjoyable.

I wasn’t going for a PB, because I knew it was pretty impossible, with the marathon training in my legs (I’d racked up close to 40 miles last week and I’ve ended north of 30 this week) so when I started out and miles one to four were really hard, I did think “uh-oh”, but as my legs loosened up and I pootled along, I remember getting to mile 10 and feeling pretty fresh and actually enjoying it!

It wasn’t as if the route was interesting (Canary Wharf and Deptford are nothing to write home about) and there wasn’t even that many crowds, but I actually think the 750 miles of running I’ve done this year was starting to pay off.

So yes, not my fastest time ever; I’ve done 10 minutes quicker before, but 1:49:48, with exactly even splits of 54:54 and 54:54 on tired marathon legs, is good enough for me.

This time in four weeks, London Marathon will be done and dusted, which means I have two more hard weeks of training, followed by two taper weeks. Hopefully the taper will mean I go into the marathon with fresh legs, not the heavy old things I had today!

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