Grief is the price we pay for love

This week has been one of mixed emotions, that’s for sure. The very real sadness I have felt due to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday, has really surprised me.

I was as shocked and saddened as everyone else, on hearing the news on Thursday afternoon that the palace were assembling the Royal Family up in Balmoral, due to the Queens ill health. Then, as the inevitable news broke, I found myself deeply affected and saddened by the news.

The Queen was one of those people who felt like she could live forever; she always looked amazing and to be able to work at 96 years old, probably made many think she was never going to stop.

Watching the Royal cortège leave Balmoral this morning made it all seem very real, and once again, I found myself shed some tears (definitely not for the first time this week!)

We always thought Granny was like the Queen; she was the Queen of the family after all. And maybe with the passing of the Queen, it reminded me of this time last year, nearly exactly to the day, when we lost our Queen.

On Saturday afternoon, Andy and I ventured down to Buckingham Palace to pay our respects and leave some flowers for the Queen and her family. The Mall was jam-packed, which was lovely to see. They even closed Green Park tube station due to overcrowding.

My other mixed emotions this week have included overwhelm, fatigue and stress; but that’s for another blog post! As we are fast approaching the app launch and both London and New York marathons, my mind and body are really feeling it now – I ran 9 miles yesterday and 17 miles today and I think I’m just about done. I’m not sure I’ll ever feel ready, but I know I’m teetering very close to the edge of exhaustion!

Can’t complain about my route today

1 thought on “Grief is the price we pay for love”

  1. Well young man,

    Listen to your body, DO NOT push to hard. No prizes for a breakdown.

    If you need to walk then walk, simple.



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