T-2 weeks…🚀

The last MS-UK call with some of the runners

This time in 2 weeks, the London Marathon will be done and dusted… marathon 1 of 2 this year for MS-UK. Genuinely feels so crazy to think it is now this close. As scary as it feels, being 14 days out from the marathon, the best bit of training is upon us…the taper!

I finished this week on 42 miles, with 19 of those happening today. It was my last long run session of the training plan and it wasn’t an easy one! I started with a 2 mile warm up and then alternated between 0.5 mile fast, 0.5 mile slow for 15 miles, then finished with a cool down.

I felt surprisingly good considering the amount of miles (plus two gym sessions) I’ve done this week. But now it means the next two weeks are reduced mileage to, hopefully, freshen up the legs for two weeks time! Right now they feel like little lead rods, and just the thought of walking downstairs fills me with a little fear!

In other, non-running news, we are now at the end of week two of our beta launch. We released the app to a closed group of teens and have slowly been adding them onto the platform; the reason for doing this before the proper launch is to test the processes, check for bugs, get feedback on the features and get designing new ones for them.

I spent yesterday working, conducting user interviews over zoom with a handful of teens. Such a valuable exercise and great to hear from them first-hand as to what they are loving with the app. I did of course ask what they would change and what they didn’t like, but they were genuinely loving it, which is so great to hear. We’ve also been doing some feedback sessions with our tester Instagram group and sending out surveys to those users on the app. Here’s just a selection of the feedback we’ve got so far:

I love the mood tracker on the homepage and the “your categories” section as it can help me quickly find what I’m interested in and take interest in learning about !! Nothing in particular that I dislike.

I like how its’ all nice and spaced out. The mood tracker at the top is amazing because it’s right there for you to fill out rather than having to go into the app. I think the message it gives after is cute as well especially if you aren’t feeling so great.

luna is actually really nice to use; sometimes i’m on the bus on my way home from school, and i can just check it, it really easy!! thank you!!❤️

Thank you for thinking of the younger generation and also lettering me be a part of Luna. I’m really exited for the launch.

Amazingly useful app with a whole variety of interesting videos that helped me nd made my life somewhat easier

It’s very heartwarming to receive this kind of feedback – long may it continue!

We have another busy week coming up; a trip down to Crystal Palace, a Founder dinner and a meeting at BAFTA! It’s all go…

Oh and anyone who would like to sponsor me, here’s a link – I’m super grateful! Thank you!

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