I’ve done it again…

Here we are four weeks after my last blog and I’m only just getting round to writing another one. Oops. Pretty sure this happened last time too…

This might end up being quite an essay, as since my last post, a lot has happened! I left the last blog saying I was going to pack for New York. Well that was the Monday night before we flew on the Thursday, and I did not go to pack. I did some more work.

By Wednesday I still hadn’t packed, and sat in the office on Wednesday afternoon I started to feel a little sore throat. Oh no. Within the space of 4 hours, I went from feeling a little tickle in my throat, all the way to struggling to get back to my flat as I was so, so exhausted.

Thinking I just needed a rest and a good sleep, I went to bed, not celebrating we were going to New York the next day, but feeling really rather ill. Thursday morning and I was worse again. I felt dreadful. All the classic flu like symptoms; headache, sore throat, fever, muscle aches. The thought of flying to New York, really wasn’t that appealing. We needed to leave the flat at 11am, I woke up at 8am, and I still hadn’t packed.

The lack of preparation is definitely not like me. However, the week had run away with me and so there I was three hours before we needed to leave, feeling like death, with no bags packed.

Long story short, we made it to the airport, and I tried my best to enjoy the free champagne but all I wanted to do was sleep. Hoping it was just a cold that would blow over in a few days, I was positive I would be fine by the weekend, so we would have a couple of good days in New York.

Alas, how wrong I was. So wrong in fact that I was ill for the whole time we were in New York and had take antibiotics on our return. I haven’t had antibiotics since 2009, so that’s how bad I was!

We landed in the U.K. on the Wednesday morning, and on Wednesday evening had to go full glam to the Women of the Future Awards. I had been nominated by Oxford Saïd Business School, so we dressed in our black tie and headed to a Park Lane hotel. It was amazing evening, despite feeling horrendous, attended also by Cherie Blair and HRH Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

I didn’t win the award I was nominated for, but did receive Highly Commended by the judges, which was pretty cool!

Now on antibiotics I was starting to feel a little better, but had no time to rest, as that weekend Jas and I attended the Independent Schools Show exhibition. Basically, a massive arena event where fee-paying schools exhibit themselves to prospective parents. We had a stand (which received a lot of compliments!) and spent the two days talking to parents, children and most importantly, about fifty different schools. It was tiring but very worth it.

The following week was our official launch week! We had a week of activities organised; everything from taking signs out on the streets of London, to online competitions, to speaking at one of our investors events, to a full day trip to a school. We did finish the week celebrating with the team (which has grown by one!) for all their hard work in getting the app out there.

It was one of the most intense weeks of our lives and I was thankful for a trip out of London to Center Parcs come the weekend. We went with Andy’s family and it was really nice to get out of the city and into some fresh air for a couple of nights.

We’re on the rundown to Christmas now; no weekend is free now until the middle of January! However, I know I need to pace myself as I definitely don’t have time to be that ill again!

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