New year…new me?

Happy New Year!

2023 here we are, and already I’ve missed the first Sunday of the year 😂. I also can’t believe I didn’t post a blog for the whole of December! It was such a busy month, that it always seemed to drop to the bottom of the priority list, but, I really will be trying to make 2023 different to the last few months of 2022.

Writing a weekly blog is a great reflection time for me and they are also great to look back on, so I will be making it a priority to write one most weeks.

To round off December and 2022, we had a busy month with luna; lots of plates spinning and trying to get the word out as much as possible. It’s really hard to get something off the ground when you’re just a small team, but reading the reviews we have on the Apple App Store really show that once our users do actually download the app, they love it.

2022 was a massive year for us, we went from a team of two to a team of six, just an idea to an app on the App Stores, listed in Apple’s “New & Trending” apps list, a feature in Hello! magazine, winning a £20k grant to raising £600,000 from investors and winning pitch competitions.

For me personally, it was also a massive year; running three half-marathons, the London marathon and raising over £2,500 for MS-UK, getting back to travelling with trips to Barcelona, Mallorca, Vienna and New York and going from “single and ready to mingle” (although I wasn’t really as I was too busy building an app 😂) to being with the most supportive, hilarious and brilliant man who is himself taking on the London marathon this year – so proud ❤️

2023 is going to be an even bigger year: it is the year we either sink or swim. I know it will be the latter, but in startup land, there is every chance it can be the former; after all, 95% of startups fail, so we really would be in the minority if we make it through 2023 alive! We are determined to make luna a huge success – it will just require a lot of hardwork, grit and determination, starting from tomorrow…

… tomorrow, as I haven’t had the best start to 2023. After celebrating one half of a two-part wedding before ringing in the new year, I quickly started to feel unwell and I’m only just coming out the other side of it. This has meant that despite being back at work this past week, it hasn’t kicked off with a bang and in between Drs appointments and crippling headaches, I’ve just scraped through.

So this next week is the week that I am back! Ready and raring to go…let’s see what 2023 has in store! 🚀🚀

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