App of the Day babyyyyy!

Wow! What a start to 2023! After struggling through the first week back, these next two have flown by and we’ve had some pretty amazing news!


On Wednesday this week, we were chosen to be Apple’s App of the Day! Out of the 4 million or so apps on the App Store, we were one out of 365 that can say, “this year we were app of the day!” We had an inkling we might be at some point, as we were asked to submit artwork and confirm all sorts of legalities, however Apple don’t actually tell you if you are app of the day, so you just have to find out for yourself by browsing the App Store on the day!

In January 2022, Jas and I set ours some pretty big goals (raising our pre-seed round was obviously one of them!) but one of the others we said to each other was “imagine if we were actually app of the day one day”. And here we are, merely a year later and only two months after launching!

The race is on at the moment to drive downloads but also to drive engagement in the app, so we’re doing everything to achieve both of these. We’ve been visiting schools these past two weeks and more are planned in the next few weeks, and working with the tech boys to make the app as brilliant as possible. It’s very full on, but after our 2023 planning session that we had the other day, we knew it was going to be!

Other fun things we’ve done in these past two weeks include, going back to Deloitte to do some filming as part of their Alumni series; I made it back to Tuesday night track, which my word was tough after the hiatus I had; and last weekend we attended part two of the wedding we went to before new year. It was such a fun day, in such an interesting location; a musical hall in central London. It was great to see everyone again and kick off 2023’s wedding season!

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